Garnier Affair to Remember :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last February 11, I was so delighted because Garnier Philippines invited me to their event. It's a small group-exclusive event that consist of Garnier Facebook fans & twitter fans as well together with the Garnier Team and the most awaited part is, Garnier advocate Ms. Georgina Wilson also dropped by! :) I feel so thankful and grateful that Mr. Niche invited me to this event. I wouldn't pass this affair! :) 

Me and my friend Jhoey Mauleon eagerly went to Robinson's Equitable tower where the said event took place. We were welcomed by gorgeous usherettes and after that we get to meet the Garnier team. We were also served with delicious buffet, I totally love their Mango crepe although after meeting Ms. Georgina Wilson in person, I felt stuffed already. :) She's really the perfect Ganier advocate. She's natural, down to eart and oh so pretty! :)Ms. Georgina Wilson also talked about a lot of important facts and details about how Garnier will make everyone's lives easier simply by just using Garnier. She said that during her high school days she also experienced that awkward moment when she needs to attend an event and suddenly the next morning, there's a big pimple in her face. Thanks to Ganier, we won't get to experience that anymore. Thanks to their new innovation that includes herbal ingredients that will totally TAKE CARE of your skin without any allergies. 

I've used Ganier products starting from their facial scrub and their Garnier night peeling cream and I totally love it. Based from experience it really works. I've also used the recently launched Garnier Pure Active line that includes facial scrub and pimple roll on and I can totally say I will forever stick to Garnier products. Their pimple roll on really works, I used it nights before since I have this huge pimple bump on my cheek and after using it, 3 nights after, the redness was gone and yes the pimple dried up :) Some of the important factors that causes pimples oiliness, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration and maybe, genetics. All of these already has a soultion with Garnier's Pure Active line that fights 6 SKIN PROBLEMS: 
  1. Pimples
  2. Whiteheads
  3. Oiliness
  4. Enlarged pores
  5. Impurities
  6. Unevenness
I learned a lot of things that day, even the fact that Garnier has been in the business for quite some time now..100 years! :) Thanks God for Garnier. :) If you want to know more about their amazing line of products, check out their official Facebook page -> and via twitter @GanierPH Again, from the bottom of my gleeful heart, thank you Garnier for the amazing event and plus all the goodies that me and my friends are now using. More power and hopefully, I'll be invited again in your coming events :) 

Check out some of the cool pictures we had from the event! :) Cheers Ganier! :)
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Here's the cool & fun video that we shared that day :)

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