Underworld: Awakening Movie Review

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I've been waiting for this movie ever since I finished watching the first sequels: UNDERWORLD, UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION & UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS. I totally love the film series. I really felt that I was watching a "vampire" movie. Plus, I am biased for saying this but Kate Beckinsale totally rocks as a vampire. She portrays the role of Selene. If you've read my past review about the first film series or if you've watched the movie, you'll definitely catch the drift.

The film started in the realm of Gothic theme. Full of darkness and amazing stunts. Breath taking stunts! 

Taking place shorty after 2006′s “Underworld: Evolution” and continuing the story set in motion by 2003′s “Underworld”, “Awakening” shows us a world steeped in hatred and darkness. However, instead of humans fighting each other or vampires fighting lycans (read: werewolves), this is a world where humans take the fight to both vampires and lycans. You see, humans haven’t taken kindly to the discovery of the non-humans among them. In an effort to prevent further “infection,” humans have declared martial law, which soon devolves into a mass cleansing. At first I was a little baffled since I was shocked over the fight scenes but yes, it all sink in once the movie progressed.

We’re quickly introduced to the franchise’s heroine, the centuries-old vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale), and the love of her life, the vampire-lycan hybrid Michael (Scott Speedman) who, I believed portrayed a cameo role to this movie-to my dismay-you won't see him that much, as they seek to escape the evermore hostile city. However, fate intervenes, and the next thing Selene knows, she’s waking up from a 12-year cryogenic freeze at Antigen Laboratories, naked and angry as all hell. She quickly escapes, only to realize she wasn’t the only one to do so. Subject No. 2 also freed herself from her confines and then freed Selene, and somehow the two share a psychic link. (Selene was dubbed Subject No. 1.)

To make matters more convenient, Selene, though just having awoken from a decades-long slumber, retains all of her legendary Death Dealer skills, wreaking merciless havoc on human and lycan alike. (After extracting information from an Antigen worker, she causally throws him from a high-rise apartment window. It does not end well for the worker.)

After learning that Subject No. 2 is her daughter (India Eisley) and that Michael is dead, Selene bands together with David (Theo James)Bless you David for letting me have another crush, a vampire who goes against his coven’s and father’s (Charles Dance) wishes to aid Selene, and Detective Sebastian (Michael Ealy), a human sympathetic to Selene’s fight. The group seeks to prevent any harm from befalling Subject No. 2, a hybrid being sought out for her genetic material by Dr. Jacob Lane (Stephen Rea).

Spoiler Alert: Yes. Underworld: Awakening has another sequel and it goes on :) I'm happy with that :) We'll see more of the Lycans and their kind as they battle the humans and other possible species that they can tear down. Like what I said, I love Kate Beckinsale. I can't imagine anyone else portraying the role.

In other news, according to Columbia Pictures Philippines (you can catch their latest updates via Facebook-click the link to like their facebook page)

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING, #1 in the U.S., #1 in the Philippines! A spectacular P49.7 million box office gross on its 1st 4 days in Philippine cinemas.
Underworld: Awakening is still showing in over 100 cinemas nationwide, if you haven't watched it, watch it now! It's totally worth it :)

watch the trailer here:

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