The Runaways: Movie Review

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Runaways in real life

The Runaways from the movie
I've always wanted to watch this movie, this was released sometime in 2010 or late 2009. I got a little too excited because it was a film that starred Dakota Fanning & Kirsten Stewart. The movie is all about high power rock n' roll during the 70's and the story of Joan Jett, and her band back The Runaways then when it disbanded, she had another group which is Joan Jett & the Blackhearts where her famous song "I love Rock n' Roll" got famous. 

This movie also depicts what goes on in the life of famous rocks bands. What they go through before they hit stardom and after stardom. Kirsten Stewart played the role of Joan Jett while Dakota Fanning played the role of Cherie Curie. The movie focused with the two main roles with their lowly beginnings and unlike stardoms. It also focused some low lights like drug addiction, sex and more which I got a little surprised since I was used to watching Daota Fanning in movies that she portrays a goody-goody role. We might get used to the fact that she's a grown up now. 

I also loved the role of Michael Shannon who played the Kim Fowley, a sexed-up music producer who never fails to catch every scene with his antics. In real life, he is indeed one of the most colorful character in rock n' roll. He has made a lot of contribution and produced/write most of the songs. One of the bands he created before are The Runaways and Kiss. As of the moment, he can be found around California sporting a red hair hairdo. 

Between the story, the acting and the scenes, the movie is an eye opener to the movie goers. Not everyone can hit stardom but one you get to the top, you might want to do everything to maintain it and be a good role model not only to others but also to yourself. It's a classic treat to people who loves rock n' roll. It's a journey lost adolescence to achievements and moving on.  

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