Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Friday, January 27, 2012

“We all have our own beautiful flow, and as soon as you began to follow it, your authenticity will start to build on itself.”

It’s been so long since I’ve actually blogged on this thing. About personal stuffs. I have experienced so much anxiety lately.  About death.  About the past. The present.  The future.  The unresolved things and the things not yet endured.  I have so much “blah-blah” going on.  I want to remember not to forget my life.  There are rarely moments when I take time to be “still”.  Somehow I even forget to be still in my life despite the fact that it’s tattooed on my right foot.  That I'm just where I started. I want to remember myself back when I was a kid, so many dreams yet so naive but hopeful. 

I’m learning so much.  I can’t wait to take the time to reflect on my year in stillness.  I don’t want to forget all that has happened, though it has been a heck of a bumpy ride.  These are the years that I am supposed to have said that I thrived and that nothing could hold me back.  Yet I am glued to my phone or Facebook and my comfort zone. The question is, when will I start conquering my dreams and be bolder. I'm always scared to step up. Maybe now is the time to set my aims higher. 

I don’t want to live comfortably.  It’s safe but boring. I should have realized, I`m not alone in here. There are some of them who just like me, doing things that not many people willing to do it. They seems to be fine, then I should be fine too. They have a strong faith that keeps them to be tough. Then I should have it too. They`re not worry about anything, then I shouldn`t be too. They believe everything would be fine, I should`ve believed it too.

Because I`m not doing useless things, I`m here struggling for the best result, and also for good things. I`m not going to give up. I may see people out there on their comfort zone, but if I want to taste what the real life is, I should get off of my comfort zone. I don`t want to live in a ordinary life, I`m gonna make an extra for my life.

There are so many things waiting for me outside my comfort zone. All I need to do is take that first step.:)

Wish me L-U-C-K :)

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  1. I suddenly missed the days..
    those days that i'm so free to share about my undying thoughts about life. free and calm.
    i envy you. (i miss writing/blogging) but keep it up, girl. :)

    yes, let's get off of our comfort zone. start engage yourself to something new. :)

  2. Oh my :) thanks for dropping by girl :) I miss you! yes, you're right. I'll be trying different things from now on :)