Book Review: The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants

Monday, January 23, 2012

Based from experience, I watch the movie first before I read the book. It always happens that way and I don't mind it that much if the book is not as good as the movie or either way around. But I take note of the differences. Just like this book by Ann Brashares. I really love this movie and I've watched all it's sequels. I didn't get the chance to read the book but when I got the chance, I enjoyed every page of it. I wish I'd read it before. It's enriching especially if you cherish your friends too much. 

The book is all bout these girls: Carmen, Bridget (Bee), Tibby, and Lena who are getting ready to spend their first summer apart since they have known each other, which is pretty much since birth. Carmen will spend the summer with her father, Lena is heading to Greece to stay with her grandparents, Tibby will stay home and work at Walman’s, and Bee is heading to California for soccer camp. Before the girls part, though, Carmen buys a pair of jeans at a thrift shop, and they magically fit each girl, in spite of their different shapes and sizes. The jeans look amazing on each of them, and so they decide the pants should travel between them throughout the summer.

As the pants travel, so does the book, and we get to experience the summer through each girl’s eyes. Carmen arrives at her father’s to discover him living with a fiance and her two teenage children – a whole other family. Shy Lena gets involved in a multi-cultural misunderstanding. Bee falls in love with an older coach and discovers that not every impulse should be rushed into headlong. And Tibby learns that life is fragile and that people are much deeper than first impressions go.

I loved this book! I can actually rate it 5 stars, and Ann Brashares has created four wonderfully real teenaged girls, each with her own quirks and strengths and weaknesses. Plus, she really has a way with her words.  The author, wrote each girl in her own perspective which ended up really nice, each girl is different from one way to another.  Over the course of the summer, they each learn an important lesson about life – but this isn’t a preachy book, as each story simply unfolds naturally. I can’t wait to find out what happens in The Second Summer of the Sisterhood which I will also read soon. I really want to update my reading prowess. Reading is really enriching. I hope they'll have another sequel of the movie though. But I won't expect anyway. :) 

If you haven't read the book, I recommend for you to read it. Really worth it. :) 

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