Justice for Given Grace Cebanico - UPLB student

Friday, October 14, 2011

UPLB students call for justice for murdered student

MANILA, Philippines - Students of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) are calling for justice after a college student was found dead in a canal in the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB) road in Barangay Putho-Tuntungin in Los Baños, Laguna.

The victim was identified as a Given Grace Cebanico, a 19-year-old Computer Science student.

UPLB students are now calling for justice, with many students changing their Facebook profile pictures to black ribbons with the words “Justice for Given.”

According to a source, one of the suspects is already in police custody, while another remains in hiding.

Police said the victim had a bullet wound on her forehead and bruises all over her body. Her hands were tied and her mouth covered with masking tape. Police also suspect that she was raped before being killed. Latest reports say she was not raped. Rather, robbed. Prayers for her, still.

UPLB is now found everywhere in the news. Given Grace Cebanico, a third year BS Computer Science student of UP Los Baños, Christian and daughter of a Pastor of Binangonan, Rizal, was found dead in a canal (near our office campus, IRRI) with bruises all over her body, her hands were tied, tape covering her mouth and a bullet shot in her head. Initial investigation of the police reveals that she may have been raped before she was killed.

The whole UPLB community mourns with her family and friends… as for me, i personally do not know her, but my heart is in grief. She was not just murdered, she was harassed before she was killed. With these painful things happening around us, sometimes we ask our selves, “where is God when all these happened?” “Is there really God?” There is God, all of these things happen for a reason, justice will be served in the perfect time and place. 

I may not know her personally, but we should always be vigilant and on the lookout for people who are cruel enough to do something so inhumane to others.  I should also shout for justice. Laguna provincial police director Senior Superintendent Gilbert Cruz said they have taken under custody one Percival de Guzman alias “Totoy”, a 38-year-old tricycle driver from Barangay Batong Malaki in Los Baños.

Cruz said that De Guzman was the driver of the tricycle used inabducting victim Given Grace Cebanico, a third year Computer Science student from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, while walking home after a group meeting on Monday.

He said that she may have been forced into the tricycle while walking on Diamond Street in Umali Subdivision, a residential area located near the UPLB campus.
Cebanico was staying at the 5th of September Mansion, a dormitory on Diamond Street.
Still at large and being hunted down by the police was the other suspect, Lester Ivan Lopez Rivera, a bank security guard from Bay, Laguna.

A P25,000 reward is being offered by the Laguna police for information that may lead to Rivera’s arrest, Cruz said.

 I pray for the repose of your soul Given Grace. I will pray for you.

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