Why should we bury Former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani?

Monday, September 19, 2011

I am actually very pissed right now after reading some of the nasty comments and oh-so-naive comments of some people at the article of Definitely Filipino Blog wherein the title of the article is President Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani? some are just plain stupid and some just want to ride on the issue.

My answer to that question is plain and simple:

I strongly believe that Former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos should be buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani because he deserves to be there, why?A former commander-in-chief and former President of the Republic-twice elected-is entitled to a state burial no less. regardless of what he was accused of doing, compared to the state of our country now to his regime, I think it’s pretty clear that he governed the country well.

This is what I posted on my FB account as well. So why the hell not? He was President of the Philippines for two decades after all and, like Angelo Reyes, was never convicted for his crimes. Indeed, his son is a Philippine Senator and his wife, former First Lady Imelda Marcos is a member of the House of Representatives. As far as I can tell, none of Marcos’s top military officers or Cabinet members were taken to account for the alleged “crimes” perpetrated during his 20-year rule. Among the architects of the much maligned Martial Law of the 70′s can be counted former President Fidel Ramos who is widely respected for the administration he ran in the 90′s. Marcos’s Minister of Defense and right-hand-man at the height of his dictatorship, Juan Ponce Enrile, is now Senate President.

The thing is, people always bring up the so-called alleged-crimes that he did during his regime when in fact it’s as if these abuses are not being done nowadays by government officials and the military and they get buried at the Libingan. FM deserves the burial. Period. Let his remains rest and let this country move on. Lots of more important matters to tackle.

By saying this, that doesn’t mean that the Edsa Revolution for me is a big sham, not at all. But I have this strong belief that He was a good President. He did something for our country and maybe most of the Filipinos nowadays have forgotten that already but come to think of it,  it was not Marcos or his legacy after all that accounts the lack of any real progress in the Philippines. Even if we put Aquino-Estrada-Arroyo all together, the outcome is still the same, our country has been stagnant for the past years, and if only they were like Marcos who was disciplined enough, competitive and uses his head then maybe..just maybe, our country would be as progressive as Singapore.

Ferdinand Marcos - Time Magazine [United States] (21 October 1966)

Again, this is my sole opinion. I know we have different opinions regarding the matter so I respect those who think that Pres. Marcos shouldn’t be buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani, if you really think so then I think it’s past time you should also evaluate that state of our country right now, are we free from culprits who continue strangling our country? our country will never be free from this vultures if we continue trusting the wrong people. Let’s not be emotional. Let’s choose the right people who will govern our country, let us not be fooled over and over again. That, I think si the right thing to do and not waste time on pointing our fingers on who is to blame or who is the bad guy. Move on.

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  1. libingan ng mga bayani is for heroes what makes u think he was a hero?eh kung ganun ilibing nlng lahat ng president dun at hayaan nlng masira ang reputation nun right?i was born 1988 so i dont think im not in d position to comment about how he ruled our country. i dont hate marcos but im wonderin how much money did he owe in world bank for his projects?bakit ang laki ng utang natin?bottom line i like him as a leader our country need another leader like him who kknows how to deal with another country

  2. well, you have a point as well but of course, we all have different opinions regarding this matter and when it comes to politics..it will be a heated debate for everyone. :)

  3. pabor ako sa openion ni grace,, malaki rin ang naitolong ni marcos sa larangan infrustrutora and ekomiya,,, let's move on if what was happened ago.. let's start a new beginning.. kong pag babasihan din natin ang utang ni marcos for almost 20 year's nya na upo sa pagka presidenti.. maliit lang i think 20 billion US Dollar ata yon oh lower pa.. imagine for almost 20 years..20 billion lang utang nya. atsaka.. ang daming pang publikong paaralan ang na paitayo nya.. iwan ko lang kung kilala nyo ba ang MARCOS TYPE na school building,,,ako kilalang kilala ko.interm's of energy salodo ako sa mga plan nya... humahanap talaga sya ng cure ng energy sufficient hindi alternatibo.. gaya ng ginawa ni pinoy... let's ok nalang...

  4. for me! wew he the best president in the philippines..grabe under satin ang china noon dahil kay marcos ee ngaun ba..sino takot sa china kundi tayo ..ano magagawa ng presidente ntin ngaun sa marcos na inaidolan ko????

  5. I agree na maraming improvements and developments during Marcos' regime. Maybe he had done things which made him bad to the eyes of the public but I think he did a lot of actions for our country. He was one of the wisest leaders we have.

  6. He was the best president the Philippibe had..

  7. True, I believe He is indeed the best President..

  8. so true his the best one