What's A Healthy Deal? :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What does a Healthy Deal means to me?
I believe that a Healthy Deals helps us make the right and healthy decisions to save our money and ourselves from purchasing almost anything that we think is worth buying without even analyzing if is really worth it. 

Healthy Deals Philippines is the first health and wellness group-buying website. It offers discounted products and services from our partner-merchants in the health and wellness business. Their mission is to save money while staying healthy. :) 

How Does Healthy Deal works?

See the Deal
HealthyDeals.ph offers the best deal in town that focuses on health and wellness goods and services. Check your email, Facebook or Twitter feeds for the daily deals
Save with the Deal
Once you’ve chosen the best and suited deal for you, just click The OFFER shall meet a certain number of people sign up before everyone gets the deal. If the minimum number is not reached, then no one gets it. So, you’ve got nothing to lose.
Share the Deal
It's more fun if you can share the deal; you get big discounts and get more friends! Pass along the deal by email or broadcast them to your favourite social network sites.
Seal the Deal
Print the voucher or bring it on to your mobile device. Set appointment with the merchant. Visit the store/office on the specified validity of the voucher and redeem your goods or services.

Here's one example of their great deals:

Whiter Teeth with Dentista Inc.’s Whitening Package (Conventional Gel Tooth Whitening +
FREE OTHER DENTAL SERVICES) valued at Php 11,000 instead of Php 20,400

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HealthyDeals.ph, a.k.a. Healthy Deals Philppines, the newest and only group-buying site in the Philippines that offers health and wellness deals, coupons and discounts exclusively, just launched and is also holding the “What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers’ Raffle Contest where bloggers who qualify get a chance to win an Apple iPad 2!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the image or the link below now! :)

HealthyDeals.ph’s “What’s a Healthy Deal?” Bloggers Raffle Contest! :)

To get to know more about Healthy Deals.ph, visit their official website:


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