Nicholas Sparks "At First Sight"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I think the sign of a great storyteller is the ability to grab onto the most unusual thing and craft a story out of it. Nicholas Sparks does a really good job with, “At First Sight”. Don't get me wrong, love is not unusual, but there are lots of love stories out there and this one is definately different.

Jeremy and Lexie meet and fall in love. Fast. Within weeks she learns that she is pregnant and they determine to marry. His family and friends are alarmed and seek to caution him about the dangers of tying the knot too soon. He will not listen, but what happens is that seeds of doubt are planted.

This is a story about learning how to love despite misunderstandings and anger. It is learning more about yourself as an individual and about how to be a couple.

This is a terrific book for young people just starting out their lives as adults not sure of themselves in a world full of people of the opposite sex.

I always love reading his books simply because I get to learn a lot of things best of all, at the end of every book, I always tend to cry.

Among other things, I'm also excited because Nicholas Sparks will be coming to Manila soon. I really want to meet him so badly! :) I hope I can have my books signed by him :( It's like a dream! :)

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  1. I was attracted by the summary of At First Sight but I fell in love after I read it.