My Top 3 Philippine Destinations :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

I've always wanted to travel and explore our native land which is the Philippines. If only I have all the time and the money in the world, why not right? I don't have to go that far, the treasure is right here. Right now, I'm so in the mood to answer Let's Go Sago's  question :) What are my top 3 Philippine spots? and why? Since I love this topic, let me give this one a shot. :)

Moreover, the most popular and common tourist destination in the country are Baguio, Boracay, Puerto Galera and Subic. During Summer, these places are jam packed with locals and tourist who fell in love with the hot-humid climate and the perfect white sand beaches or the wonderful-inviting places that we have. I've been to Baguio and Boracay and my memories with these amazing places will be forever treasured. Now, let's go to my answer with Let's Go Sago's question. :) 

My Top 3 Philippine Destinations are: Sagada, Palawan and Pagudpod.


Sagada is found at the province of Mt. Province. How do I begin describing Sagada? There aren't enough words to describe how amazing this place is. Even though I haven't been there, pictures, travel reviews are more than enough to convince me that this place is heaven. And yes, I also want to fulfill my nature seeker thrill part of me. I want to be in a place where peacefulness, dirt free air, sights of towering trees and caves are bountiful and will relax me. I want to visit the Sumaguing cave and pay tribute to the Sugong Coffins that are hanged on the rock wall. I believe that about 10 to 14 hours trip to Sagada from Manila is definitely worth it. God knows when I'll be setting my foot on Sagada but one thing is for sure. I'll definitely go there even if it means I'll travel alone. :)


The Last Frontier, The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of my ultimate dream destination. It's also considered as the Island of the Gods and one of the most tourist destination across the world. Who wouldn't be at awe with the centuries old stalagmites and stalactites that will leave your mouth hanging open when you get to see it. There's plenty of thin gs that you can do at Palawan, you can dive or go dolphin watching and island hopping. But let me just say that I am also longing to go to Honda Bay, the breath taking view of white sand beach across the sea would really be a wonderful bonding time with mother nature.


I'm Ilokano but the irony of it is that I've never been to Ilocos! Which is why I'm so eager to visit this place. I want to check out the most popular places like Cafe Bojeador Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (which I really am dying to see), Patapat Viaduct, Bangui Windmills and lastly, The Blue Lagoon. There's plenty of time to take pictures at this wonderful places. 

I'll always be grateful that I'm a Filipino and living here in the Philippines is the best and the coolest way to exist here on Earth.I will definitely go to these places soon. My Palawan adventure is just around the corner since I've already booked a flight for next year! hurrah! :) I'm so excited to explore and discover our country. So what are you waiting for? Tara na! Wow Philippines talaga! :) See how captivating your country is! :)

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  1. I am dreaming of you Pagudpod. You can travel there by land lang, tsaka mura lang. I hope to go there and drop by Vigan or La Union on the way. Hay, sana makapunta! My bestfriend is Ilokano den, funny di den sya nagagawi sa province nila, sayang maganda pa naman.

  2. Hello there :) thanks for dropping by :) I really hope I can go to Pagudpod soon, visit Laoag & Vigan :) Daming magandang pasyalan daw dun eh, :)

  3. We are very grateful that we have this beautiful places. How I wish I can visit Pagudpud this coming Holy Week :D