My Nokia Shining Moment

Sunday, August 21, 2011

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Nokia for so long has been the family phone. Everyone uses or had used one type or the other. And so I was sure, my first phone and consequent ones would be Nokia. For my first phone, I was given the 8210 model. It was pass down by my cousin, when she finally got her very first job, she bought a new Nokia phone and at that time, the most popular Nokia model is Nokia 6600. I was so thankful that she gave me that phone since I think I was the only one who doesn't have a cellphone that time. I was a freshman at Polytechnic University of the Philippines and I was taking up Journalism.  My friends would often tease me when they're asking my cellphone number and I would tell them, "Wala ako cellphone." They would laugh and joke around, "Ano ba yan! Basurera nga at taong grasa may cellphone, ikaw wala!?" 

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I really enjoyed having my Nokia 8210 around. It was those times that me and my friends enjoyed clans and textmates and meet ups plus prank calling! Yes, I was that naughty during those times. There was also a point when me and my friend met this textmate at SM Centerpoint, only to find out that he's planning something really bad to my friend. When I got the chance to excuse myself and I went to the comfort room to ask help from my cousin to pick us up, my cellphone is about to get drained. Thank God I used my battery wisely and took really care of it, it didn't drained when I was calling my cousin and rest assured, my cousin pick us up before everything goes wrong. If not for its strong quality i would have never been able to complete that call which was so crucial in the situation in which I was. Nokia has no equal when it comes to the quality of the handset. During our college days, having a Nokia cellphone, whatever model that may be, makes you popular and yes, Nokia made me popular those times. :)

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Honestly speaking, Nokia would always remain the strongest and most durable phones of all times no doubt.  I actually lost counts of how many times my Nokia 8210 fell in the floor, but all those times, nothing really happened to my phone. The cool thing is that I get to change its casing. I'm also thankful because I have a cellphone, Nokia at that because it's one of the fastest way I can communicate with my parents since they're working at Dubai, U.A.E. Technology really helped a lot of people and through the yeas, Nokia has been "connecting people" and in my case, it gives me the freedom to talk to my parents through my happiest moments and even my lowest points. Hearing their voices makes me feel that they're just around the corner. 

Among all my wonderful experiences with my Nokia handset, there was one shining moment I will never forget. When my cousin got the chance to play at Pera o Bayong in Wowowee! :) We used my phone to text and we got the call to play at the ABS-CBN studio :) My cousin won at that jackpot round and although we didn't get the chance to win 1 million pesos, we did take home some money that was used to put up a business. :) Thanks to our lukcy Nokia phone. :)

Today, cellphones portray a big role in our daily lives. We live in a fast paced world and we need to keep in touch, be updated and connect with our love ones and to the world. For me, Nokia will always be the best phone, why? because of these main reasons: (1) the call quality, unless you have a problem with your telecom service (Globe-Sun-Smart) you won't have a problem with this one, (2) the hardware, like what I said, my phone fell on the ground for how many times but it's still as compact as it used to be. (3) The Battery life of Nokia mobile phones is longer than many other cellphones. (4) Hardcore, Everyone knows that Nokia mobiles are truly rock solid.  (5) Wide Product Range, Nokia has a vast and huge list of mobile phones. Right now, they have the dual sim feature which is really nice. (6) Price and Reliability, since most Nokia phone are really not that expensive plus you can really use it with whatever activity you want. 

Lastly, Experience. Nokia is the largest cellphone manufacturer in the world. They have ages of experience, hundreds of success stories and dozens of smart handsets in current portfolio. That helps them to evolve and thereby nourish our needs.

For now, I can say that every moment with my Nokia phone is a shining moment. Wherever I go and whatever I'm doing,My Nokia phone is there to support me. Whatever happens I'll be a loyal fan and I'll be as faithful as my phone is to me. My Nokia phone has served me quite well and in return I'll continue to support Nokia. :)

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  1. my 8210 was given by a friend, unfortunately i dropped it one day and then i could not use it anymore. sayang!

  2. too bad, fortunately, my Nokia 8210 served me really well for how many years :)