LG Optimus 2X is a Genius! :) Beat that!

Friday, May 27, 2011

What is the most common thing that any person who’s always on the go should have that can help make their lives easier especially if they always count on internet? Nowadays, a person can never go wrong with internet and it’s a plud factor if you have it wherever you go, it can be really handy and smart phones are the perfect answer to that. LG introduced a phone that will make every smart phones feel insecure. It’s a GENIUS phone. I’m quite excited to have one, if ever I’ll be lucky enough to win it but using my futuristic mind ability, I can see myself holding it and using it, It feels great held in hand, not particularly modern like other smart phone which I think is an edge, some smart phones can be so baffling to use you just don’t want to use it anymore because you tend to nosebleed with all the applications, but with LG Optimus 2x, it offers  exceptional screen, one of the best screen displayed which is called Nova. A pleasant on-screen keyboard, high performance and multi-media options that can be really exciting, and of course I’m eagerly jumping for joy since Gingerbread upgrade capability is within reach with LG Optimus 2x! What I really love about this utterly genius phone is that it has a long battery life which is 1500mAh! Unbelievable right? I always go after gadgets that has a long life, I can use it much longer.

What else can we expect from LG Optimus2x? well I can feel some cockiness in me since there’s a lot of things to brag about this genius phone and I am writing this in a sense that I feel like owning this kind of genius phone is like a dream come true, this is the first dual core smartphone with 4-inch display and 1080p video recording. In case you’re wondering how much power can be used. Well, for starters, let’s imagine ourselves using it right now, we’ve got both full 1080p tv out via HDMI and video capture through an 8 megapixel primary camera and let me say that again, 8 megapixel! Paired with a 1.3 mega pixel cam front for face to face calling just inb case you love talking to your loveones face up. This is really awesome right? Who wouldn’t want a genius phone like this?

LG Optimus 2x has topped the market when it comes to performance and luckily not when it comes to price.  Due to this excellent portion of price and offered qualities, this will surely be a great competitor on the market as one of the best mid-range smart phones available.

I know there’ll be hundreds of us who’ll be rooting for this giveaway and I can only hope, pray and cross my fingers that I can be one of the lucky 10 most creative bloggers who’ll get to own LG Optimus phones, they will announce the winners on July 7, 2011, a week after my birthday, it can still count as a birthday present for me yippee! ?

I can't contain my excitement anymore! :)

Like LG's facebook page and visit their official website as well. http://www.lg.com/ph/ :)

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!

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