10 Things to Buy in Antipolo

Saturday, May 21, 2011

photo courtesy of Click the city
From the best places to go to Antipolo, let’s now check out what we can buy at the famous Pilgrimage city. Whoever thought that traveling never included spending on something special is deeply mistaken. Loosen up your purse strings and open your native “bayongs” (shopping basket) for some of Antipolo’s special treats.

1. Kasoy – Bring home a kilo or two of cashew nuts in “binusa” (dry roasted), “inadobo” (deep fried with garlic) or raw varieties.

2. Mangga – Hed to Antipolo for “kaings” (50-kilo baskets) worth of mangos freshly harvested from local farms.
3. Suman sa Ibos – Unsweetened sticky rice wrapped in softened coconut or banana leaves never goes wrong with “latik” (coconut milk caramel) and a cup of “kapeng barako” (native strong, dark coffee).

4. Pottery – Visit Lanelle Abueva-Fernando at Crescent Moon Gallery for her collection of earthen masterpiece.

Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo
5. Artworks – A quick stop at some local galleries will immerse you in the high art of paintings and sculptures, Antipolo-style.

6. Religious Items – From commercially produced images of the holy ones to handmade rosaries from local community coops, you’re sure to get your share of religious treasures from Antipolo.

7. Sineguelas – Also known as Spanish plum, are already a steal at P50.00 a kilo. As the summer wears on, the price goes down as supply increases dramatically.

8. Kalamay – Antipolo is reputed to have the best kalamay ever. This sweet sticky rice cake tooped with dark sweet coconut glaze provides very satisfying delight in every bite.

9. Benernal/Upland Rice – This variety, grown by the Dumagaat and Remontado tribes people of Antipolo, is fragrant like Jasmine rice, but short grain in size. Benernal is said to be rich in beta-carotene and a good source of fiber.

10. Binuho – Otherwise known as “suman sa buho”, is sweetened glutinous rice cooked in bamboo tubes and seasoned in coconut milk. It goes well with “salabat” or ginger ale.

So, there you have it :0 I hope you’ll have a wonderful time when you go to Antipolo plus don’t forget to buy souvenirs :) Enjoy!

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