Catch Me I'm In Love movie review

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Predictable and yet , “Catch Me…I’m In Love” is one of the nice, feel good movies I’ve seen in recent years that will sensibly make you smile and twitch your heart in a good way.
At first I was a little hesitant to watch this movie since I am having doubts if Sarah G. and Gerald A. has any chemistry in them but when I get to watch the movie, well, Sarah G. is the most charming actress I've watched ever, she can be paired up to any actor and manage to make the people "kilig" whoever that actor may be just like what happen with John Lloyd Cruz, now I am beginning to wonder who's the next lucky actor that can be paired to Sarah G. and can still manage to hit the box office surveys.

The first team-up of Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo, “Catch Me…I’m In Love” tells the love story of a simple girl who’s working for an NGO (Helping Hands) dedicated in servicing kids of less fortunate families and those in remote areas of the country, and the spoiled, conceited son of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Opposing each other from the first time they met, Roan Sanchez (Geronimo) was tasked by the President (Christopher de Leon) to facilitate the immersion of his son, Erick Rodriguez (Anderson) to make him realize the value of government projects and servicing the country. And sooner, an unexpected attraction blossomed but will they be brave enough to fight for love amidst the complications of the vastness of extreme differences their worlds have?

You do not need a genius or the best film critique in town to tell you that this movie is predictable but there is something about this film that makes it very enjoyable and won’t waste a minute of your time. The rawness and authenticity of the script makes it so genuine and close to home. The premise of the movie is already out of this world as it is, a story you’ll dare say, it only happens in the movie. But Mel Mendoza del Rosario penned a script that made an out of this world love story so close to reality that it’s very relatable and believable as true. The last thing you would want for a formulaic rom-com is a script full of flowery and mushy lines. What I love about this movie is that it free us all of that tackiness and instead presented a love story that honest to goodness is a one in a million likelihood to happen in real life but with a script that is sincere, you have a cliché that looks and feels fresh. It also helps that the characterization of both main characters were both flawlessly solid and that’s just one of the best things to back up a plot of this genre.

For a movie that wrapped up shooting three days before its nationwide screening it is just commendable how Director Mae Cruz executed this movie. There was not much fanfare in each scene but trust me it worked and it made things in the movie as real as it can be. Cinematography is admirable and mind you editing was seamless. It was great!

Sarah Geronimo is not really fit for drama. This is the genre where she excels and you can tell that she’s already a pro in it. She’s just so natural and spontaneous. You can count on Toni Gonzaga in terms of spontaneity of humor in a romantic comedy movie but if eliciting that instinctive uncontainable feeling of kilig, that’s Sarah’s forte. There’s no point elaborating and talk like a broken record just how good-looking and HOT Gerald Anderson is. It’s too obvious that I adore every inch of the guy! Acting wise, I maintain my opinion that he’s one of the best actors of his generation. Next to John Lloyd Cruz he’s the best for me. The role of Erick Rodriguez is hands down perfect for him. I also have to say that one of the things I love about Gerald is that he can portray whole lots of versatile roles so convincingly. He can do kilig-kiligan like this one, he can be a drama actor, and he’s very good in action and that for me is an ACTOR. Trust me, no one can match the handsome vain, self-conceited, and over confident aura of appeal he exudes on screen the way he does.

Honestly, this is what I love about Star Cinema rom-coms, you know the formula: boy meets girl, they fall in love, then a complication arises, they break up for a while, they make up and end up living they’re happily ever after, but somehow they are able to present love stories of such typecast with rawness and sensibleness that will stir in you a realization of some sort. I am not saying “Catch Me…I’m In Love” is the best feel good movie of the year. I’m simply saying it’s worth your time and money.

It’s the feel good movie that will really make you feel good. And once in a while it’s great to feel that irrepressible kilig deep within. Most importantly this movie is a great reminder that we can choose a lot of things in this life but we can’t choose who our heart loves. Ultimately who determines our compatibility with the person we love is ours to make. Who cares what the world says when people will each have varied opinions. True love nowadays is such an elusive emotion bestowed to but a few of us and so you take it where you have it. You go for it and fight for it because at the end of the day, the opinion that matters the most in a relationship is the ones of those in it.

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