Hachiko - A Dog Story

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I just finished watching Hachiko - A dog story and I really love it. I’ve never been so emotional watching a movie like this before, about a dog story, aside from watching Marley and Me. This movie is awesome. I love the plot of the story which evolves on how loyal and loving dogs can be to their masters.

The story is about Hachi who was taken in by Professor (Gere) and took care of him, he will always follow him whenever he’s going to work and waits for him in the train station. It was always like that until one day, Professor Parker didn’t come back because he died that day of heart attack. For 9 years Hachi would always go at the train station hoping to see his master. I remember our dog snoopy, he would always wait for me when i came home from school. I miss having a dog in the house, they bring happiness to everyone, a simple gesture of licking your hand or by just looking at you and following you around makes you feel special. That’s how dogs treat their masters, i wish all of us could have a trait like that. Loyalty and being dependable.

Everyone should watch this movie, a lot of lesson learned and prepare a box of tissue because this is a major tearjerker movie. One you’ll never forget for the rest of your life, one that will remind you that once in your life, you had a dog like Hachi too.

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