God have mercy on us...

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I already post a blog before at friendster regarding what a tremendous photographer the late KEVIN CARTER is (1994 Pulitzer awardee)..he took his job as a photojournalist by heart which in the end took his life away, he committed suicide after setting his photoshoot of people at Sudan. He took mercy of people at Sudan who seems to be begging God for death rather than living such a helpless life.

It made me realize a lot of things, that even if i complain more often that I can ever remember, even if there are times that I am so ungrateful, God is really good to all of us. There will be blessings iven for the unfortunate, we maybe having difficulties now but God is always watching over us.

Click the words above for the link of a very important video..Be an advocate..help save the people who are dying of hunger..start your move by being sensitive..don't waste anything...

this is gracee now signing off :))

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