Simple things is equals to perfect things :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Simple Things by Jim Brickman

In relation to this song which I really adore, it has been my LSS (last song syndrome) for the last weeks or so, I just love it.I can relate with the song, most of the time we seem to want things in our life that are "not so important" same with what we want to happen but in the end when things go wrong, we lose heart. I'm sure God always wants the best for all of us, it's hard to wait, to be silent and just expect but it happens that way..just like the song, everyday is a new start, for a while there I always turn my back to God when things go wrong and I felt so embarrased with myself afterwards, wtf is wrong with me? people are dying, there are dozens out there who experience worst than I have here I am..going for the simple things in life...Go Go Go!! :)

this is gracee now singing off :)

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