...is violence in our nature?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What happened in Maguindanao makes me wonder if there is still hope for justice here in our country. This should be a wake up call for all us especially our government that Mindanao is still a part of our country and should also be given attention. To think that election is still months away and we are now facing such cases that is very alarming, what more when election day has come? what would make us secure that our lives will be safe or will we ever put the right names in our ballots and be treated with equal justice because we are Filipinos after all.

This also goes to show how politics in our country runs and how bad it has become. Here i thought that all the hearsay stories that i know were false...people say, "ganyan talaga sa Mindanao..ubusan ng lahi..." or maybe around the country..if you were powerful then you are lucky, you get to be dominant and get away from everything without any hassle. But the unlucky ones, gets nothing and sacrifices their own life in favor of a new beginning. I know for sure that this will go no where and if it will, the victims and their families will take forever until they see justice for real.

What happened:

Dead bodies lie on the ground near their vehicles at the crime scene of a massacre of a political clan that included several journalists in the outskirts of Ampatuan, Maguindanao in southern Philippines November 24, 2009. The Philippines sacked the provincial police chief and sent hundreds of extra troops to a southern region on Tuesday where gunmen killed at least 24 people in the worst-ever election related violence in the country. On Monday, about 100 gunmen abducted a group of people going to file a nomination for the provincial governor’s post in Maguindanao. A group of about 40 people, including women and local journalists, were taken away by gunmen who opened fire on them, investigators said. A local leader said four survivors were in hiding.

I hope that one way or the other, this will come to an end. Senseless deaths has no means of showing power to people, if a person wants to obtain power, that person should show that he is really capable of becoming a role model, a pedestal...

There’s a quote that says the fastest way to win is to eliminate the competition. I believe that was not to be taken literally.

Something the suspects, 100 armed men, failed to understand, I guess.

God bless Mindanao, God bless our country!! may we all vote wisely for we really need someone who will re-unite our country and someone who will make a difference.

this is gracee now signing off...

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