Friends now & Then :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is the Official Tropa... the members: Angela Erlano (Official Dreamer), Jezza Marie Hagunoy (Official Musikera), Divine Grace Bongolan (Official Terminator) we all know that's me, Josephine Mauleon (Official Mastermind) & Erika Joy Mabaquiao (Official Kahel). This picture was taken during our college days..oh college days!! I really miss it already...I wish I can turn back time and make it stop during our BJ4-1N days. We cram, we study, we stayed up late, we text till dawn, we have gimiks..we just rule our time and basically we enjoyed. Nothing beats being with your unrully and trusty friends..there are bad times but we always get over it, after years of friendship, here we are..facing our career paths...

I really miss them alot, as in to the highest level. Being with my friends makes me feel at HOME again..which also made me realize how big I have become :) I really need to lose weight asap :) but for now, I am really enjoying what this bonding time gave us..a chance to reunite our goodtimes once again, I guess we are all still the same. I love it :)

This is gracee now signing off :)

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