Why SafetyWing and being a Digital Nomad goes hand in hand

Friday, March 15, 2024

Just right after COVID-19, more people nowadays have adjusted to work at home set up or simply becoming a digital nomad wherein you can freely travel and work all at the same time. I actually love this set up because I also love traveling. When life gets tough and I am engulf with so much deadlines, workload and household chores, I really need to step out and breathe some fresh air. With my work set up now, I can finally say that I am enjoying the best of two worlds. 

Being a digital nomads can give you a whole new experience and journey that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. From visiting bustling cities to remote villages, the experience can be both overwhelming and exciting but at the end of the day, you just can't help but felt grateful because you are traveling and also working, what more can you ask for?

However, here's the catch when you are a certified digital nomad, there are circumstances that are unavoidable and you sometimes overlook that you need protection. 
If you're new to being a digital nomad than you've found the right article that can tip you on what you need to take note of especially when it comes to a reliable insurance that can protect you.

I recently learned about SafetyWing and the key features of their Nomad Insurance and how it will protect Digital Nomads to their day to day adventures.

SafetyWing is an international insurance company that is created specifically for digital nomads. It is created by digital nomads themselves which is why they have full knowledge of what they go through everyday. It offers travel medical insurance in over 180 countries and they have the most competitive price in the market. Simply put, it provides you with coverage for unexpected events whether traveling domestically or internationally.

Check out some of the unexpected experiences you may encounter when you're a digital nomad:

Health Emergencies
When you are traveling, health emergencies can sometimes be a big hassle but it can happen. When health issues or an accident, it's much more tough if you don't have a reliable insurance plan. SafetyWing offers a comprehensive plan that covers treatment of illness, injuries,emergency transportation, medical evacuation or dental emergency. 

Unexpected Travel Emergency
When you are a traveler, you will certainly encounter some unexpected emergencies in countries that have high possibility of natural disasters such as volcanic eruption, storm, tsunami, snow storm and more. Such natural disasters are unavoidable and you need to safeguard your life. With SafetyWing's Nomad Insurance, you are covered with your evacuation just in case you need to an accommodation where it's safer.  

Loss of Valuables
There are some places that you really can't trust your surroundings and the people who live in there but since you are a digital nomad, you will surely meet different kinds of people. You will experience theft once in your life while traveling  and the worst thing is that you might even lose your most important valuable - your laptop, your work depends on it. With SafetyWing, you can have an electronic device cover add-on with your insurance so that if ever your device like laptop, camera, cellphones, drones got stolen or damaged, it will be reimbursed and you can buy a new one. 

These are just some of the important things to take not of when you are a digital nomad, of course, SafetyWing can offer so much more like 24/7 customer support just in case you need to clarify some matters about your insurance policy. You can also subscribe to the nomad insurance before you leave the country or even while on your trip or easily cancel when you get home. It is very flexible and you can manage it anytime and anywhere. 

What I do realize after becoming a digital nomad myself is that traveling requires a lot of courage, you know that you are also working side by side and there are people who depend on you and waiting for you to come back which is why having a reliable insurance plan is really important. Good thing SafetyWing is available for every digital nomad who wants nothing but a hassle-free travel and work life. 

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